Mobile Ready Website; an important Real Estate Marketing Idea

Mobile Ready Website; an important Real Estate Marketing IdeaBy the year 2013, it is estimated that more people will be accessing the internet from a mobile device rather than a PC. What that means to the small business owner is…mobile marketing is an important real estate marketing idea, get on-board or you will be left behind.

These days, early in 2011, only about 12% of the top web retailers have a mobile optimized site. So making sure your website is ready for mobile marketing may result in a competitive advantage over your competitors tomorrow.

You already know mobile screens are small, actually tiny in comparison to a big computer screen, and what fits comfortably on a big screen will not fit on a mobile screen.

Here  are some things to keep in mind when mobile marketing;

  • A site search box placed prominently on the home page will give your visitors a way to access what they are looking for at your mobile site.
  • Since large pictures don’t translate well on a mobile device, install smaller pictures, fewer pictures or no pictures at all.
  • Think vertical instead of horizontal. At this time, most mobile screens are more portrait rather than landscape. So re-orient you web design to top-to-bottom, instead of side-to-side.
  • Don’t try to cram as many elements into that small screen, leave a bit of white space. Too much stuff in a small space is confusing to the visitor and hard to navigate.
  • Keep the color contrast sharp, since many mobile devices don’t do color well.
  • Minimize user entry. Since it is difficult to enter text on a mobile phone, install simple radio buttons and drop down menus.
  • Use a subdomain for your mobile website – , create a new domain that relates to your main site –, or use a subfolder on you main domain –
  • And finally, don’t do flash or tables; some mobile devices will not read flash, and tables simply don’t display well.

If you think editing an existing ‘full-featured website’ is the best real estate marketing idea, you may have to eliminate important elements in order to simplify the site for mobile optimization. And, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to design an ecommerce website that would work for both PC and mobile marketing.

However, if you are blogging you will find that many blog platforms, including WordPress, are ready for mobile marketing; simple, easy to navigate and vertically oriented.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article on mobile marketing. If it was interesting and informative – feel free to leave a comment. And, as a BONUS  I am offering no-cost training on an ongoing basis. Just subscribe and we will keep you posted on the upcoming training seminars. Go to Free Internet Training Webinars and take a look at what training webinars are coming up.

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