Facebook Guerrilla Marketing is a good Real Estate Marketing Idea

facebook guerrilla marketing, real estate marketing ideaO.K. So you have filled in all of the blanks at Facebook, you have a few friends and you are catching up with family and friends – NOW WHAT?  An aggressive guerrilla marketer on Facebook can and should use these real estate marketing ideas to promote their brand and market their businesses.

1. Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a free application that can be used by guerilla marketers to promote; marketing events, sponsored parties, product launches, and webinars. When you create an event, it gets a fully-featured page; including a wall, photos, videos, and links. Inviting all of your friends to the event, add admins who can also invite all of their friends-is a good real estate marketing idea. You could also manage a guest list and build a community around your upcoming event.

2. Facebook Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are two Facebook applications that allow you to share pictures and videos with your friends. You can also post content about your brand, but be careful to always do it authentically. If your photo albums are all company logos, for example, you’ll lose a lot of credibility.

One guerrilla marketing tactic that often goes overlooked is the ‘tagging’ of photos and videos. When you post a photo or video, Facebook allows you to ‘tag’ the items with the names of your friends who are “included” in it, and in turn, that friend gets a special notification. Guerrilla marketers  use “tagging” not only to tag people that are actually ‘included’ in the photo or video–but also use it to selectively choose certain people whose attention they want to bring to the content they’ve created.

3. Facebook Messages and Chatting

Facebook Messages can be a powerful guerilla marketing tool. Messages are private like email, except a lot less fully featured – and Facebook allows you to send messages to users you have no connection with.

The Facebook chat feature is frequently overlooked as a guerilla marketing tactic.  The chat feature is a great way to connect with friends and have an online conversation in real time. You can get to know someone by engaging in conversation, sharing links and asking for feedback.

4. Facebook Share, Like and Comment

One sure way for a Facebook guerilla marketer to win friends and connect with potential clients is to interact at their News Feed. When you Share, Like or Comment on another person’s posting, you are giving it real estate in your ‘Posted Items’ list on your profile page. This is an effective real estate marketing idea that will gain attention and encourage reciprocal action from your friends, colleagues, customers and potential clients.

Overall, guerrilla marketing at Facebook is all about building relationships; friends, colleagues, customers and potential clients. It is important to remember when you use the Facebook features above – stay professional, and don’t push your product or service too hard. It is always a good real estate marketing idea to focus on providing relevant information; clients and sales will follow.

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