Know how your Online Presence Measures Up to the Competition

know how your online presence measures up to the competitionHow does your online presence rate in comparison with websites of similar content (or your competition)?

By way of illustration, follow along side me while I walk you through the steps of discovering your ‘comparison to the competition’ or…How do you measure up to your competition?

Let’s use this site’s concept keyword: ‘real estate marketing ideas’.

First, Google  ‘real estate marketing ideas’.

Google says there are 6,060,000 pages indexed with the words ‘real estate’, ‘marketing’ and ‘ideas’ in them.

Now Google “real estate marketing ideas” (with the quotation marks) and you will find there are 95,100 pages indexed with the words ‘real estate marketing ideas’ side-by-side.

O.K., now you can compare your online presence to your real competition.

The Top 10 are:

1.                                            283,858

2.                                  1,012,836

3.                                          3,454,272

4.                                                               1,033,652

5.                                                       257,345

6.                                                   593,395

7.                                                 166,070

8.                                     666,040

9.                       14,308,145

10.                                                      9,859,317

***Data as of 7/27/11

Those are the Top 10 websites that are the competition of this website. And, at this point, if an internet surfer types in the keywords “real estate marketing ideas” the Top 10 (listed above) are indexed on the first page, numbers one through ten.

Next step, check out the Alexa ranking of your competition (second column above).

The point of that exercise is to document where your online presence compares to your competition on a given date.

You are not done yet! Repeat this process with several of your other keywords. For instance (more examples from this website); ‘keyword research’, ‘brand marketing’ and ‘email marketing’.

If you are a regional-type business, add a city or county to those keywords, for instance; physician Cleveland, contractor Chicago, real estate agent Los Angeles, etc.

Again, document the results. If after several weeks (or months) you do not see your website moving up in the Google indexing, for at least one of your keywords, then your online presence is NOT working for you.

However, if your website online presence is climbing and your comparison to the competition is improving, then your online presence IS working for you!

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