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FAQ for SEO and Social Networking As most of you know, I have been offering some free training webinars on internet marketing ideas for Real Estate agents and small business owners. During the sign-up process I have getting some interesting questions that I thought I would take the time to address here…

Q. Does the fan page at Facebook really work?

A. Yes and no. It works if you can provide relevant information there that your clients and prospects need. I always refer people to ‘365 Things to Do in Vancouver’. The host of this fan page is a Realtor in Vancouver WA. During 2010, he wrote blogs about things to do in Vancouver (everyday), and posted a link at his Facebook fan page. At the end of the year he had 14,000 ‘likes’. If you don’t provide relevant and interesting content at your fan page (in other words-if it is all about YOU), you will have a really hard time finding people to ‘like’ you, and if they don’t ‘like’ you then they will never hear your message.

Q. When branding your business should you have a facebook page with your business name, or should you use a keyword?

A. Do some keyword research and see what people are looking for in your field, then give people what they are asking for on your facebook business page.  A facebook page can be a lot of things; a Local Business, Company, Organization, Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community. When I set up ‘Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas’, I did the keyword research first, then used that information to set up my website and my Facebook page. And, it is growing – slow but steady.

Q. How do you make money with social networking sites and clickbank?

A. Set up a website, your Marketing Hub, where you write articles about the clickbank products you are promoting. Invite your target market to friend, follow or connect with you.  Then I would schedule at least 22 Posts a day (around the clock) that ask pertinent questions that your products will answer with a link back to your article where you ‘sell’ the clickbank product and invite a click-through to purchase.

Q. How do you target a market in a rural area?

A. Think of a subject that everyone in your rural community has questions and concerns about.

For instance, if you are in an agricultural based community, you could focus on what people raise or grow in that area and write articles (for your website) on the process of getting those products to market.  You could include links to Ag-related resources (i.e. banks, service providers, farm bureaus, etc.) include commodity reports and set up an RSS feed of news related stories.

In other words…provide value first, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. The business will follow.

Q. How do you get to the top of the search engine results?

A. First of all, choose a keyword niche with a high demand and limited competition. Then include that keyword in your title, your domain, your meta description and your blog titles. And, make sure that there 50:1 keyword density. Publish at least three new blogs a week, promote those blogs at your social networking sites, and drive traffic to your site with no-cost promotional materials. It is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight… but it will happen.

Q. How do you stay on top?

A. You stay on top by consistently providing killer content. Content that adds value to the people in your target market.  And, by paying attention to the statistics… if you are starting to slip in the rankings, then go to your traffic rankings and site analytics and evaluate whether or not you are still providing the relevant content that your target market NEEDS to read.

Q. What is the optimum number of times you should post at social networking sites to get your message out without abusing your relationships or annoying friends?

A. Studies show that the maximum number of posts that you can put up in one day and still be effective is 22. Guerrilla Marketing recommends a minimum of six posts a day and they should all be related in some way to your niche. I recommend that you include a variety of post types; questions, quotations, links to your blog, links to video, pictures and links to articles that are relevant to your target market.  Keep in mind that there are so many posts going up every hour (by your friends) that if you post only once (per hour), your friends, followers and connections are not likely to see more than one of your posts at any given time unless they visit your profile page.

Q. What about the company website?

A. This question is a little vague, but here are my thoughts. Each and every one of you should have your own personal website which I explained was your marketing hub. All of your online networking sites should link back to that hub. If your company’s website has a personal page available to you, then by all means, you should personalize it with a short bio AND a link to your marketing hub.

Q. How do you keep track of Contacts?

A. You either use a alphabetized card file, an alphabetized binder file, or a spread sheet file on your computer. Stay tuned, the next three training sessions focus on managing your contact lists…starting October 4th, 2011.

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  1. I was looking through a new follower’s (@lifetosuccess) followers and clicked on a number of them, including you, went to your site, perused it carefully, liked what I saw, decided to click on your Follow button.  I hope you’ll follow back–you’re definitely someone I’d really like to get to know; and I don’t mean that in the typical Twitter superficial way.  The best part of this “retirement” career of mine is all the wonderful people I’ve connected with, made friends with.  It’s my time to give back and I’m having the time of my life doing just that.

  2. Terrific work! That is the kind of info that are supposed to be shared around the internet. Disgrace on Google for now not positioning this put up upper! Come on over and consult with my website . Thank you =)

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