SMS Mobile Marketing, a New Real Estate Marketing Idea

Mobile Marketing, real estate marketing ideaDid you know that only 22% of Users read their emails, but 97% read mobile text messages? For this reason, SMS (short message service) mobile marketing is a stupendous real estate marketing idea.

SMS mobile marketing is a fast way to get the word out…about promotions, about new products and services…even mobile coupons. When you write effective, brief ad copy and send it out via cell phone to your subscribers, you can immediately share (in real time) information and encourage them to take action.

The SMS mobile marketing tool is a permission based process whereby the end user ‘opts-in’ by sending a text message containing a specified keyword to a special phone number (5 to 9 digits long).

The key to mobile marketing is to send out the

right message at the right time, for instance;

  • A real estate agent could be sending out text messages about new ‘hot properties’ just listed.
    A retail store owner may send out messages about an ‘Invite-Only Event’ with a special discount to all who respond.
  • An SEO could send out a monthly mobile newsletter, reaching a global audience.

Since 97% of mobile users read text messages, and a text message commands attention, then most of people you send them to will actually read them, which makes this an important real estate marketing idea.

Here are a couple of really good reasons to implement mobile marketing:

  1. You do the math, if users are only reading 22% of their emails and you send out emails to 100 users, than your message is only getting read 22 times. On the flip side, if you send out a text message to 100 subscribers, then your message is getting read 97 times.
  2. Most text messages are read within 15 minutes and responded too within 60 minutes. So in today’s fast paced and extremely competitive market, every small business owner needs to implement this real estate marketing idea.

While doing research on the web I ran across dozens of SMS mobile marketing providers including;,,,,,,, etc.

Most of those SMS mobile marketing providers offer a FREE trial, however, I did find one company with a FREE version – With this program I can invite five friends, and when those friends accept my invitation I can begin blasting out a SMS text message to all five friends at once, and for $9.99/year I can blast out a message to 100 of my prospects.

A word of caution, before you commit to a SMS mobile marketing provider, be sure you know exactly what that company will do for you. Find out how the fees are charged, what you will get for that charge. In other words – read the fine print, know what you are getting into up-front, so that you can get down to the business of blasting out your message with confident.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article on mobile marketing. I would love to hear your comments, please add them below. BONUS! Would you like to learn more about how to grow your business with simple marketing ideas? Get instant access to a free Marketing Ideas video (a $47 value) by going to Free Training.

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