Bounce Rate is a Measure of your Online Presence

People ask me often, “What is Bounce Rate?”

bounce rate measures online presence, a real estate marketing ideaAnd the answer is – “When you land on a website and don’t find what you are looking for-within seconds-you bounce out!” When used as a tool to measure the effectiveness of your online presence,  it can be an important real estate marketing idea.

On your dashboard at Google Analytics, under the Site Usage Bar and to the right you can find overall average bounce rate for your website. The average bounce rate for the majority of websites is 40-60% overall, so where you need to be is at the lower end of that percentage rate.

In order to put this real estate marketing idea to work, you have to evaluate the data associated with your online presence. Start by clicking on the Content button (to the left and under Dashboard) and take a look at the different ways you can evaluate your content:

  • Top Content – the most visited pages overall, by content
  • Content by Title – the most visited pages overall, by title
  • Content Drilldown – where the visitor goes after they leave the page they landed on
  • Top Landing Pages – the top pages, other then the home page, that visitor land in
  • Top Exit Pages – the top pages that people exit the site from
  • In-Page Analytics – shows a screen shot of the page, along with the metrics for that specific page.

If you are paying attention to which pages are getting traffic, how long visitors are staying on the pages and from which pages visitors are exiting the site, then tweak your site accordingly…you should be able to get the bounce rate to drop.

Bounce Rate is the simplest way to quickly find out how effective your online presence is and which of your pages are working. If you are keeping an eye on your Google Analytics and paying attention to this important real estate marketing idea, you should know within days whether specific subjects are getting attention. And a low bounce rate means you are getting (and keeping) your visitors attention.

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