Social Networking Site for Viral Marketing Promotion

Why should you even care about viral marketing?

Viral Marketing, Social Networking, Real Estate Marketing IdeaAfter all – viral traffic rarely converts, and even though it can create a huge amount of traffic, that traffic is usually short lived and not indicative of normal traffic.

That being said, there are many reasons for viral marketing, but here are the top three – branding, search indexing and website analytics. Brand recognition is an especially important real estate marketing idea  if you new to the business and need exposure. And, driving traffic to your website anytime will help with brand marketing at any stage of your business development.

With regard to search engine optimization and web analytics  – if people are going to your website due to viral marketing, the search engines take notice, your web analytics improve and your traffic rankings will come up. Over time if you are successful in your viral marketing efforts, the ongoing effect will be increased traffic and an increased chance of conversions.

Here are some important Social Networking sites to present your Viral Marketing content to:

  • Facebook doesn’t generate as many visitors a day as some of the other social communities, the potential traffic numbers available is about 1000 visitors per day. However, Facebook may drive traffic to your website over a period of days, maybe even weeks.
  • Twitter is a good place for a quick viral start, and Google pays close attention to the number of retweets and ranks the viral content accordingly. A strong tweet and subsequent retweets can send over 2000 visitors to a site per day.
  • Digg took a big hit in 2010 when they launched version 4, however, the site is showing signs of a comeback. With a strong piece of content Digg can still drive 48,000+ visitors to your website in a 48 hour period.
  • StumbleUpon  is based on sending you pages of the types of sites related to your interests. And this site could possibly send you 2 million visitors over couple of months should they decide to shine upon you.
  • Reddit is truly about quality content, the best available, and if the community likes it – the potential for traffic to your website is thousands, even 10’s of thousands. Reddit is definitely worth the effort, just don’t put out spam.
  • YouTube is a video sharing site and rarely sends traffic to your website. However, a viral marketing video will help with brand recognition, so if you are considering video…submit it to YouTube!

So, regardless of the fact that viral marketing materials rarely convert, it is a great real estate marketing idea that not only helps your Search Engine Optimization and, at least for a short time, drives a significant amount of traffic to your website… and that is always a good thing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article on Viral Marketing. I would love to hear your comments, please add them below. BONUS! Would you like to learn more about how to grow your business with simple marketing ideas? Get instant access to a free Internet Marketing Training Videos (a $499 value) by going to Free Training.

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