The foundation of real estate marketing ideas is ‘the List’

email list, a real estate marketing ideaThe foundation of real estate email marketing is ‘The List’. The best idea when it comes to names for the email marketing list are those found close at hand. So gather up all of your business cards, access your database and let’s get started.

Email marketing lists should contain names of people who you know are interested in your services. The worst lists have names that have nothing to do with anything you do. You want to collect as many names as possible that are prequalified.

Where do you find names for your email marketing list?

  • The best real estate marketing names are those of people that may be predisposed to purchase your services…a referral, or a better idea, someone who is already a client. That is where the database and business cards come in.
  • Beyond that you can ask for email information – at your website:
  • Put up a link on the home page of your website, for subscriptions.
  • On any page of your website, “Click here for regular updates for properties available in your desired area.”
  • Put up a link on your customer support page
  • Add a link to all email messages you send out
  • Ask for a link during a telephone conversation
  • Ask for links during Openhouses and business events
  • Ask for links whenever someone asks for more information
  • Ask for a link when you are providing free access to provided information (i.e.- REO, foreclosure lists.)

When it comes to getting email addresses for the real estate marketing list, the idea is to offer something of value to the prospects in exchange for their email address. AND you have to explicitly ask for their permission to send emails. AND they have to respond affirmatively. This can be done with a simple checkbox (or radial button). If the client checks the box next to an affirmative phrase, you may add them to your list.

It might be a good idea to include a link to your company’s privacy policy. According to federal law, you need to assure your contact that you will hold their data close and not share it recklessly with other firms.

What data do you absolutely need? I don’t personally fill out a request that requires more than my first name and email address. In some cases all that has been required was my email address. However, I will back out of the form if it is asking for more that three or four things, it doesn’t matter how much I want access to the FREE offer.

NOTE: A word of warning – Federal law requires that we include an Unsubscribe link, or Opt-out option in all of our marketing emails. And, it is never a good idea to share or sell email addresses.


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