Guerrilla Marketing; What does it take to implement this marketing idea

guerilla marketing, a real estate marketing ideaGuerrilla marketing is all about building relationships first – which is always a good real estate marketing idea. Where some marketers are blatant in their attempt to convert your interest into a sale, guerrilla marketers know that it is better to offer value, and patiently build your trust. Where some marketers reach out to new prospects for business, guerrilla marketers understand the value of referrals and repeat business.

Take a look at the qualities it takes to be a guerrilla marketer;

  1. Immune to Hype – A true guerrilla marketer “searches for truth, verifies information, and executes with dependable tools and strategies”.1  Realize that a good marketing idea takes months, even years to be effective – so carefully choose your social media tools before you invest a lot of time in them.
  2. Curiosity – A guerrilla marketer will ask analyze their efforts and ask ‘what if’ questions – “What if I blogged three times a week instead of just once?” “What if I started giving away multiple free reports instead of just one?” “What if I didn’t ask for email address in exchange for free reports?”
  3. Ability to Sprint – Windows of opportunity are few and far between, guerrillas are ready to exploit them with energy, passion, and resources. And, just in case one of your marketing ideas goes viral, you have to be ready to maintain the momentum.
  4. Ability to Run Marathons – Guerrillas outlast their competition through consistency. Knowing that a prospect may need to be exposed to a message 27 times means that a guerrilla doesn’t give up. They are focused on business goals – what works, what is profitable and they don’t get sidetracked by what is cool and new.
  5. Transparent – “Guerrillas know that truth, empathy and integrity are keys to social media marketing, and they build trust and loyalty through transparency.”1 We think before we post and don’t hide behind the fine print.
  6. Community Focused – The guerrilla marketing recipe for success is 9 cups of ‘community, contribution and connection’ to 1 cup of focus on a targeted market of prospects. By sharing relevant content and helping people achieve their goals, we in turn become successful.
  7. Profit Driven – Profit is the guerrilla’s primary goal. To that end they use cost-effective methods to create profit.
  8. Tech Hungry – Guerrillas know that in order to function in the 21st century it is necessary to learn all things tech and study it ‘like your life depends upon it’.  This means being constantly on the look-out for what may be the next Facebook and/or Twitter.
  9. Self –Developer – “Guerrillas seeking to maintain a competitive lead must learn, research, experiment and innovate on the fly…Being a self-developer means that we can evolve as a rate much faster than the rest of the marketplace.”1
  10. Leadership Mentality – Social media is all about leadership first, then marketing. In other words, we focus on making people’s lives, businesses and community a bit better…one interaction at a time. Prospects will go where they are invited, but will only stay if they are engaged consistently with insights, dialogue, inspiration and opportunity.

While it would be almost impossible for guerrilla marketers to be strong in all 10 of the above traits, it is a good real estate marketing idea to focus on being strong in about 5 – 7 of these areas. You can always collaborate or hire with someone with strengths in the areas.

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1Guerilla Social Media Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson & Shane Gibson 2010


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