6 Ways to Grow your Business with Content, Video by Michael Stelzner

6 ways to grow your business with content, video by michael stelznerWhy Content? According to Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner, business is like a rocket ship, and content is the fuel that moves your rocket ship forward.

Nobody likes to be sold to, however, when you produce high value content in the form of “how to” information or an expert interview, people will share that content, they will consume that content and as they do that your rocket ship or your business continues to move forward.

High quality content is a gift to your readers. It’s a gift because you give it to people to help them solve their problems.

Basically, there are two types of content; Primary Fuel and Nuclear Fuel

Primary fuel is the content that you regularly produce to propel your business forward, and ideally you are producing this type of fuel several times a week.

Comprehensive , how to articles such as ’21 Creative Ways to Increase your Facebook Fan Base’,  by Mari Smith. Provide as much detail as possible and tell people exactly what to do. This will insure that your content is received by more people and shared more.

Expert Interviews are a second great type of Primary fuel. Valauble because have great in their mind that is of value to your audience. When experts have something new coming out like a book, they are often more than willing to talk to you.

Case Studies, valuable if you are doing case studies of people that are doing great things in your industry.

Breaking News, however, it is hard to chase breaking news. You could however do a once a week wrap up of all the top stories of the week.

Nuclear fuel is the kind of content that is a bit more complicated to build, but the upside is-this kind of content can impact your business for a much longer period of time… sometimes months or years.

Reports based on surveys. Survey lots of people, then analyze the results of the survey and write up a report based on your results.

Top 10 Contests, such as the Top 10 Social Networking Blogs, allow people to nominate a site (a blog, a facebook business page, maybe even someone’s bio) and then have judges rank the sites and then decide which of those sites belong in the top 10.

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