Mobile Marketing Part 2, The Tools

Mobile Marketing Tools

Mobile Marketing starts with Local Marketing and requires a mobile optimized site. However, once those fundamentals are in place there are a whole bunch of mobile marketing tools to choose from. Start with QR codes, then implement SMS text with all of it’s versatility and don’t forget to look at some other cost-effective methods of reaching out to prospects on their personal mobile device – Bluetooth Proximity Marketing, Voice Broadcasting and Email.

QR codes
QR code, mobile marketing toolOver the last year and a half, QR codes have started showing up everywhere. For those of you that don’t know, QR codes, also known as quick response codes, are a fast way to access the internet via your smart phones. They pop up in magazines, newspapers, posters, billboards, etc.

QR codes, when scanned with a smart phone, can provide very specific information that the on-the-go shopper will find useful. This little square code may be linked to a website that gives additional details about the property, it can be linked to a virtual video tour that can be viewed instantly, or even a webpage with a simple short message.

With a couple clicks on a smart phone reading the QR code on the real estate sign, you, the potential Buyer can arrive at a website that provides all of the information you need to evaluate whether or not you would like to talk further with a Realtor.

SMS Text
Another method of getting information on your phone is through SMS text messaging. Unlike other forms of advertising or even email, 90% of text messages get opened, and most get responded to within five minutes. This is as close to ‘real time’ as one can get.

With SMS advertising, you as a vendor text message advertisements to your prospective customers who have requested to receive them from you. You give your prospect a special keyword to text to a number, much like a telephone number. When they do so, they receive a text message back asking them to confirm that they wish to subscribe.

  • Dentists and Doctors can save time and money by texting their patients to remind them about their upcoming appointment. Or, let them know when it is time for a checkup.
  • A convention can text participants about last minute hotel openings, or special deals restaurants are offering.
  • A market can instantly text out their ‘blue light special’ for the day. Night clubs can text out who is playing on Friday night.
  • An office supply store creates a sweepstakes encouraging customers to sign up to their special of the week text message.
  • A coffee shop promotes Free Coffee Day – giving away free coffee between 10 am till noon increasing their customer base and up sells.
  • A local accounting firm sends text messages to clients reminding them that their taxes are due, increasing their business.
  • A pharmacy sends out a text message to customers reminding them that their prescription needs to be refilled.
  • A Realtor can send out a text letting their prospects and clients know about a new listing, and open house… even a price change.

The possibilities for SMS text marketing are endless!

Mobile Coupons
Mobile coupons have a redemption rate of 15% to 40%. Compare this to traditional print coupons, which are redeemed at less than 2%, and you can see the effectiveness of text message marketing.

The consumers that text in to receive this discount will get a message back that will grant them that unique coupon code that offers a discount or rebate that they can redeem in person as well as online.

Using text message marketing to implement coupons to fit the needs of your customers so they will be more likely to come back for repeat business.

Setting up Contests and Instant Win campaigns are just another way to use SMS coupons. You can distribute winnings and prizes to your audience so they will be more likely to remember your business and spread the word about  your enterprise.

Get people to opt-in to your customer loyalty program at the point of purchase, on your website and Facebook page by encouraging them to scan your QR code. Each customer that opts-in will be automatically enrolled in your customer loyalty program and added to your list of people who will receive your mobile coupons. You can even send each customer a unique mobile QR code coupon that records their specific customer ID. This, in-turn, will help you further personalize your offers.

What you offer with your coupons will determine whether or not your advertising is wasted or not. To form an effective coupon, you must make sure the coupon is effective for the business to make money, but also provides a good incentive for the consumer.

A couple of “rules of thumb” to keep in mind when forming an effective coupon campaign:

  1. Don’t just give away your product. Make sure that along with the giveaway, the customer has to purchase something
  2. If time is a factor, be sure to send your coupons at the appropriate times to increase likelihood of coupon redemption and conversion.
  3. Continue providing value to your customers by making your coupons valuable and worth the subscriber’s time.

Mobile coupon campaigns don’t require much as far as sending the messages out. The work and effort required for a mobile coupon campaign is making sure what you are sending to them is of value to both you and the consumer. Therein lies the challenge of marketing.,

Autoresponder & Info on Demand
This is another form of SMS text marketing. Allows prospects to receive sms text information on demand and the business to collect mobile numbers.

The potential Buyer calls a provided number and then sends a simple text message found on the real estate yard sign, usually just 5 digits, and the SMS provider service delivers photos, pricing, and extra information directly to your mobile phone! And, in turn the SMS provider service sends the Realtor the prospects phone number while they are still in front of the property!,,,,

Additional forms of SMS text marketing include; Text voting, polling, Text Contests and Mobile Surveys.

MMS Marketing.
MMS stands for “multimedia messaging service” and allows for the inclusion of video, picture, audio, etc. into the text message. Whenever a picture message is sent from a mobile phone, this is considered an MMS message.

MMS messages are delivered in a completely different way from SMS messages. MMS message is delivered to something called a multimedia message service center or MMSC for short.

If the receiving phone is on a different carrier from the sender, the MMS message is sent from the MMSC to the carrier via the Internet. Once there, the receiving carrier tries to determine if the receiving phone is MMS capable. If it is, the content is simply accessed. If it is not, the carrier sends an SMS message to the recipient phone with a URL that contains the content. The user can then access the content at a later time from a internet capable device.,

Bluetooth Proximity
One of the newest up-and-coming mobile marketing tools available is referred to as Bluetooth proximity marketing. Bluetooth works on a short range wireless system that is supported by many mobile devices. This makes it a mode of the transmissions used for proximity marketing.

Proximity marketing instantly broadcasts effective advertising and content, which offers specials like a discount on specific product or service, mobile coupon or video the target audience finds of value.

Here are some advantages of this technology;

  • Does not require personal details like name or phone number to initiate contact with user
  • Allows companies to connect and engage new and existing customers without existing database
  • Results-driven, gets immediate action turning prospects into buying customers
  • User information / phone number is not captured via initial contact
  • Used as cost effective advertising tracking and measurement tool
  • Zero cost of transmission…

One of the advantages of this type of mobile advertising is that it not only provides information to potential buyers, but you can also reach passersby as well. The only requirement is that their Bluetooth be turned on.,,

Voice Broadcasting
Voice Broadcasting, also known as robocalls is a cost effective way to get your message out. automatic phone calling system, sending an automated message and having that message relayed to as many clients as you would like. The key concept of dialing to multiple touchtone phone numbers and the same time and playing a pre-recorded message as soon as a telephone is picked up.

In order to find out further information or make the most of a unique deal presented inside a broadcasted message the recipient will be able to press a number on their own phone, or call a given toll free number straight to you or the representatives of your company.

Since your advertisements or announcements are sent instantly to everyone in  your list, this is one of the quickest ways to stay in contact with customers and prospects.

The message should be compelling, well spoken and provoking maybe even entertaining if you want listeners to listen through to the end and then do something to follow through to learn more.,,

Email Marketing
Email is a mobile channel. Mobile usage and email marketing were made for each other. With a smart phone it is usually easier and faster to access you email by a smart phone than a pc. This is why it is important to optimize your emails for mobile devices.

  • Not all mobile devices support html, it’s a good idea to include a plain text version of your email.
  • Not all mobiles display pictures, so make sure that you include alternative text to describe the pictures.
  • Write your emails so that subscribers don’t have to scroll sideways.
  • As with all emails, always include an unsubscribe option.
  • Don’t add a lot of links in your emails
  • Use a preheader to summarise your message and link to your website.
  • Write the content in bite size pieces; short sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Short subject lines (56 characters or less),

Additional types of mobile marketing;

Mobile Search advertising
Mobile Banner ads
Mobile Apps Ads
Mobile Gaming Ads
Mobile Video ads

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