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Video Marketing a good real estate marketing ideaPlain and simple, video marketing will drive traffic to your website. Not only that, the act of video marketing is easy to implement and it’s an important real estate marketing idea. An added bonus is that people love video, so video marketing is a winning solution all the way around.

Let’s talk about the advantages of adding a video to your website;

  • If you embed a video AND someone watches that video while at your website they will most likely spend at least a couple of minutes at your website.
  • A video can be used as an advertisement of your business at your website.
  • A series of videos can be used in a lead capture system
  • Videos humanize you, the website owner. People do business with people they know and love, and a video will get you one step closer to being known.
  • Videos can establish your expertise.
  • If you don’t like to write content, you can use video and add a 250 word summarization, instead of writing content.

There are several Types of Video Production

Direct upload from camera or smart phone, a candid and casual video. All you have to do is answer a question that people ask you frequently. Keep it casual, don’t worry too much about what you are going to say just turn the camera on, repeat the question and then answer the question.

Convert Powerpoint presentations to video using Authorstream. This is pretty easy if you are using an older version of Microsoft Powerpoint, all you have to do is prepare a Powerpoint presentation, add voice tracks, then use Authorstream to convert the Powerpoint to video. It only costs a couple of dollars to convert to video.

Screen Recording w/narration – utipu, jing, camtasia, etc. This option is really easy. You upload free screen recording software, then using the screen on your computer and the microphone, just start recording. There are some limitations, one program offers an unlimited number of videos at 5 minutes each. Another program offers the same features free at 10 minutes each. Once you get used to talking to your computer, this is a pretty easy video making tool.

Using photos and images, adding voice tracks and music. This is a little bit more complicated. I was using Windows XP – Windows Movie Maker, and it pretty simple to add voice tracks to a video, you just have to make sure that the voice tracks are in-sync with the video pictures and stills. Today with Window 7, it is a bit harder, you have to record the voice tracks and then add them to the video.

Animoto.com is a very simple video tool. All that you have to do is add pictures, text, add music and Publish the video. From there you can easily upload it to Youtube, or get and embed code to embed the video at your website. You can produce an unlimited number of 30 second videos for free, or you can pay $30.00 a year and build an unlimited number of videos of any length. They are not HD, but they are easy to watch especially on the computer.

Record video using the webinar services. I use gotomeeting.com and it has a recording feature that works most of the time, however it is not free. On the other hand, anymeeting.com works pretty good if you don’t mind the ads that are attached to the free version.

Another way to use video is to find ‘expert’ videos to share and embed their videos.

Go to Youtube.com and type your keyword in the Search bar. Then search for an expert in your field that ISN’T competition.I found Matt Cutts, he is a Google Engineer that periodically answers questions from people regarding Search Engine Optimization and the Google search engines. He is an expert, and he is not my competition. So I embed one of his question and answer videos at my website, then summarize the video content using about 250 words that describe the video.

  • You could also use someone like Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker. He has a lot of great motivational videos that are an encouragement to people.
  • If you are a Real Estate Agent working for Century 21 you might want to find one of their advertising videos to embed at your website.
  • If you are a hair dresser, Doctor, Dentist, even an auto mechanic, you could use a product video to embed. Just make sure the video is of a product that you sell or promote.

Make sure to use the video expert’s name in the title and add at least 250 words of keyword-rich content. It’s a good idea to go comment on the video at Youtube and include your website address in your signature. Doing these two activities will drive traffic to your website.

So, whatever business you are in, you can benefit by learning the art of video marketing. Just get out your smart phone, or your camera and start establishing your expertise.

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