LinkedIn; Win Connections and Influence Prospects

LinkedIn, Real Estate Marketing IdeaLinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool and an important real estate marketing idea. Did you know that LinkedIn is the largest professional network with over 150+ million users. And, when you consider that the average household income of members is $109,000/year and professionals are signing up to join the social networking site on average 2 members per second, then LinkedIn is a great place to connect with clients and prospects.

Here are a few pointers to get your LinkedIn account up to speed…

#1-Establish a Foundation – Complete your LinkedIn Profile 100%

  • Sign up, then click on Profile and Edit Profile. Note the Profile Completeness.
  • Upload a Professional Image
  • Create a compelling headline. You have 120 characters at the top of your profile to describe what you do in the world to grab their attention. Be sure to use your keywords.
  • List your current position and at least two past positions.
  • Complete the Summary section of your Profile. Describe who you are and how you help people, write this summary in third person.
  • Complete the Specialties section of your profile.
  • Give Recommendations first. You will need at least 3 recommendations for LinkedIn to label your profile completed.
  • Click on the Contacts tab and then click on Add Connections ->Note the Colleagues, Alumni and People you may know tabs.
  • Add Groups, click on Groups you May Know, then add the appropriate keywords. I would join a couple of Groups
  • Get recommendations.

#2-Optimize your Profile to get found by contacts

  • Under the websites section, list up to 3 URL’s. Choose the ‘other’ option when setting up each of these links.
  • Include a link to your Twitter Profile
  • On the right, customize the public profile URL and make your public profile visible to everyone

#3-Set up LinkedIn Applications (under More)

  • Slideshow or Google Presentation
  • Reading List by Amazon
  • Travel
  • Events
  • WordPress or Blog Link
  • Polls

Thats it! Your LinkedIn foundation is done!

Now it is time to build your LinkedIn Network

This is the most powerful concept at LinkedIn. This helps you find valuable people and informs you of the mutual connections you have with them, or your 2nd or 3rd degree networks.

#1-Connect with your First Degree Network

  • Upload you contacts from you email account
  • Write a semi-personal message to them, replace the standard-”Hi, I’d like to add you to my network”.
  • Add previous colleagues and classmates using the companies function

#2-Add valuable new connections to your Network

  • First you have to know who is in your target group
  • Browse the networks of your 1st Degree Connection, when you see someone interesting invite that person to connect
  • Use the Advanced Search option, use keywords to find people in your target group.
  • Join Groups where your target market is likely to be
  • Save your people searches and create an Alert

#3-Setting up a Company Page on LinkedIn

  • Under companies, click on Find Companies, then click on Add Company
  • Add a description of you company, use keywords
  • Add keywords in the specialty section
  • Choose and Industry
  • List your location
  • Link your blog RSS
  • Post regular status updates with links back to your website.

#4-Create a LinkedIn Group

  • LinkedIn Groups presents a discussion board where conversations happen
  • You can do a member search and send a message to someone
  • Under Groups tab, click on Create a Group
  • NOTE: the name of your group should not be your business name
  • Set up a group that will reach out to people likely to be in your target market
  • Brand the group with an attractive logo with similar colors to your website
  • Invite your connections to join your group, invite your Twitter followers and Facebook friends to join your group
  • Keep the information shared at your group relevant, you need to actively manage your group to make sure it doesn’t get spammy
  • Foster group engagement; ask relevant questions, start discussions, post relevant and timely news, discuss a recent blog post
  • Send out an announcement to group members, at most, once a week

#5-Establish you Expertise

  • Post regular status updates using your keywords, linking to information that is relevant to your target market
  • Engage Connections in conversation; Comment, Like and Share Posts
  • Establish your expertise at Answers, provide a thoughtful and relevant answer and the person that submitted the question can choose the Best Answer

#6-Measure you Success with Statistics

  • Is your connection list growing
  • Are people involved in your group discussions
  • Are you giving and getting recommendations
  • Measure your website referrals from LinkedIn
  • Analyze you leads and sales

There you have it, LinkedIn is a really important real estate marketing idea that will win connections and influence your prospects. Just set up your profile (don’t forget the recommendations), join some groups, start your own group, join in the conversations – Comment, Like and Share.

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