Matt Cutts Answers Questions about SEO Myths

Matt Cutts, Engineer for Google answers some SEO questions

Matt Cutts, Google Engineer

What constitutes too many sites on the same server, with the same IP? Matt Cutts says if you have 2, 3 4, or 5, sites and they are all different themes you are not in the place where you need to worry too much. But if you have 2000 sites, you may have to worry about having enough unique value content to support 2000 sites. If you are an average guy I wouldn’t worry if you’ve got a few sites, and I wouldn’t worry about them being on the same IP address or the same server. That is something that everybody does.

What about having the same java script on all of your websites? According to Matt Cutts, this is something that a lot of sites do on the web and I wouldn’t worry about it at all. However if you have 5000 websites and you are including the java script that does the sneaky redirect, then you need to worry.

Why are we having problems launching a new site in a different country with millions of new pages, and tons of links as well as press during every launch? Matt says, if you are launching new sites with millions of pages you may be inviting more scrutiny. You may want to launch a little more softly with a few thousand pages, then add few more thousand more. If you are launching that many pages you want to make sure that those are all good pages.

Matt Cutts, Engineer for Google goes on to answer another question about Google’s indexing of images and says that the indexing of images is a priority.


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