Keeping up with Facebook Changes; A good real estate marketing idea

facebook; profile, pages and groups are great real estae marketing ideasAs most of you know (and many of you are frustrated about) Facebook has undergone many changes in the last few weeks. On February 29th they rolled out the Facebook Profile Timeline, then a few weeks later they added a Facebook Business Page Timeline.

I know, I know, change is frustrating, but it doesn’t do you any good to fight change, it is going happen anyway. Just because we don’t like the changes doesn’t mean they are going to go away. So, looking for the positive is always a good idea.

Actually, I like the Facebook timeline for both my personal profile, and my business page. My favorite feature is the fact that you can add a link to your business page directly under your picture at your Profile site.

What I love most about the new business page is the added functionality of the apps linked to the icon boxes situated right under the Cover and to the right of your picture (or logo). In fact, I just figured out how to make that work for business… you can rename them and you can change the icon picture.

So, I added a link to my events, my blog, and my free offer. To add the free offer, you add an app called an iFrame. The iFrame apps allow you to link directly to a url, or, you can add html for a custom page.

However, recently I found a change that I am not so happy about. In the last couple of weeks Facebook has changed the way you promote your events. It used to be that you could add an event at your business page (like an upcoming webinar) then you could invite all of your Profile friends to attend.

Today I discovered that you can no longer invite all of your Profile friends (in bulk) you can only invite one friend at a time. You can share your event on your wall, you can share it on your business page wall, you can even share it on your friends wall, but you cannot send out an (in bulk) invite to all of your friends that lands in their in boxes.

Another recent change has to do with Facebook Groups. They are designed to function more like a ‘think tank’, where members join in on discussions. The biggest change is that the Admin doesn’t have to wait for a member to join, the Admin can just add a member, no acceptance required. Another great feature is Group Chat and Group Email, so that you can communicate easier and in the case of Group Chat – in real time.

Let’s face it, human beings like to learn something once and don’t expect to have to learn it again and again. By the same token, human beings are easily bored, and have a tendency to move onto the next new and exciting thing, whatever that may be. In my mind, Facebook is trying to strike a balance in order to stay on top.

Right, wrong or indifferent, Facebook is currently the number one social networking tool in the world today, and for those of us using it to market our businesses, facebook is still number one!

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