Internet Marketing Bootcamp 2012

Internet Marketing Bootcamp 2012, best real estate marketing ideaOver the last couple of months I had been thinking about offering an event that would enable the attendees to set up an internet marketing system–in just two days. And, finally it happened… 10 real estate agents met with me at the Modesto office of Century 21 M&M office.

Starting with WordPress, we completely set up a website in less than three hours. We learned how to create static pages, how to set up the widgets including a Subscribe button and we learned how to install a blog including an image. This was the most grueling part of the process.

Next we learned all about video marketing and even created a 30 second video at Then we exported that video to the channel we just created and learned how to share that same video with our friends and ‘likes’ at Facebook.

Internet Marketing Bootcamp-2 2012 a best real estate marketing idea At the end of the first day we learned how to set up our Google Places account which is the foundation of our local marketing campaign. After we confirm our Google account and submit our business to 25 local directories, our prospects should be able to find us on the internet.

At that point, we were all worn out and our brains were turning to mush.

On the second day we started out with a discussion on Facebook Marketing, utilizing the Profile and Business Page. The timeline was explained and for those that needed it – installed, and we set up our personal business pages. At the end of this section we learned how to link our business page to our profile page.

Unfortunately, Facebook took all morning and we had to skip over LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest. Fortunately, I was able to provide the attendees with training materials so that they could set those social networking accounts on their own.

After lunch we spent some time discussing drip marketing, not only to reach out to prospects, but also to reach out to clients.

Finally, we learned how to automate the process of linking our blog posts to social networking using TwitterFeed, AND, how to automate and syndicate our social networking posts using another tool – Hootsuite.

In the end, all of the participants came away with a website, a video, a Google Places listing, a Facebook Business page and learned how to put this marketing system on auto-pilot.

If you are learning how to set up your own Internet Marketing System, I invite you to sign up for free training at

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