Stage II of the Sales Funnel; Lead Nurturing

sales funnel, stage II lead nurturing, best real estate marketing ideaHave you set up Stage I of your Sales Funnel yet? Are you capturing subscribers to your blog? Have you been building an audience and establishing your credibility with regard to your services/products? Have you set up a lead-capture system? How many prospects do you have in your Contact List?

Are you ready to move forward to Stage II of your Sales Funnel – Lead Nurturing?

“Lead Nurturing is a system that allows you to send an automated series of emails to an early-stage lead in order to pre-qualify them.”

Sometimes Stage II of the Sales process goes by other names; marketing automation, drip marketing, autoresponders, client/contact retention system, etc.

Getting leads is only the first step in Stage II, not all leads are at the point where they are ready to buy. Studies show that only about 5% – 25% of the traffic to your site is actually ready to do business with you immediately, the rest of those leads are doing research.

The first question you need to ask yourself is – on average how long does it take your leads to make a purchasing decision. Actually there may be many answers… I have people in my lead capturing systems that are all different stages;

  • hot prospects-ready to buy products/services
  • prospects that need the products/services and are researching for a provider
  • prospects that think they may need the products/services, but are not yet ready to buy
  • tire-kickers that need the products/services, but can’t afford to pay for them

In Stage II of the Sales Funnel, lead nurturing is all about understanding the nuances of your leads’ timing and needs. If it typically takes a month for your prospects to make a purchase decision, then make sure you are engaging and educating those prospects to keep them engaged for that period of time,

Important Stage II, Sales Funnel activities

Establish contact fast

  • 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first to an inquiry
  • Automated lead nurturing is a great way to maintain engagement when a lead has already made a move to interact with you.
  • Automated lead nurturing keeps your name out there in front of the prospect
  • Automated lead nurturing enables you to build trust and establish expertise

Learn about your leads.

  • By presenting different questions or types of content, and identifying who responds to what, you can qualify your leads and set yourself up for warmer sales conversations.
  • Once you review who opens your emails, and what subjects they open up, then you can put your leads into different lists or groups and send out the information that they are interested in.
  • Lead nurturing is all about sending out a tightly connected series of emails with an abundance of useful and relevant content.

Practice precise targeting

  • Craft your emails based on an action a lead has taken on your website
  • This shows that your are aware of an interest in a specific topic and what information your prospect might need next.
  • Lead nurturing emails also have a higher Unsubscribe rate, which is an important part of the lead qualification process.
  • Only the most engaged leads will move down the sales funnel and become great new customers.

By using the Sales Funnel, and by quantifying the number of prospects at each stage of the process, down the road you can predict the number of prospects who will, in time become customers. Use of the Sales Funnel shows the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing program.

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