Sales Funnel;Types of Lead Nurturing Content

sales funnel lead nurturing content, a great real estate marketing ideaIn the last blog I shared information about the Sales Funnel; Nurturing Leads… how to  keep your prospect engaged with your content on an ongoing basis and gradually introducing them to the more advanced stages of the sales cycle.

For those of you wondering how you are going to accomplish that task, I decided to share some ideas about what kind of lead nurturing content you can create:

Educational Email Content – These emails shouldn’t be sales-driven, you should be offering people links to more blog articles, training videos, ebooks… content that you genuinely believe with be helpful to the prospects needs and goals. Don’t just send emails that sell your product/service, instead try to educate your prospects about how they could implement what you have to offer.

NOTE: Take a minute to write down the 10 most frequently asked questions that you find yourself answering on a day-to-day basis, and then create a series of emails answering those questions, either written contact or video.

Promotional Email Content – Mix in some promotional emails along with educational emails. If you have a current offer that you can advertise, create a campaign around it. NOTE: It’s important to avoid getting spammy with these emails, your email may end up in the junk folder or prompt people to Unsubscribe. Use exciting language and try to grab your prospects attention with humor, controversy or data.

Demo/Product Email – If your prospect clicks on product info in your email or website, maybe they would be interested in seeing a demo or receiving a free trial offer in order to delve a bit deeper or get a closer look at your product/service. Send an email invitation to the demo.

A List of Resources – Say a prospect responds to an opt-in for a free webinar on Marketing with Social Networking, you might want to send them a list of blog posts or training videos that you think may be beneficial or useful to them.

Best Practices Email – In other words, if someone opts in to an eBook on nutritional supplements, follow up with emails about ‘best practices’ to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. This will keep your prospects engaged and anticipating your next email.

A Personal Email – If the prospect is moving down the sales funnel and is getting close to buying, it may be a good idea to send a personal and targeted email. That way they get a more personal touch and have a chance to ask questions… perhaps talk to a real person.

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