Creating Killer Content is a great real estate marketing idea, Part I

creating killer content is a great real estate marketing ideaEveryday there is one thing on every internet marketer’s do-to list: Create New Content.

Back in the old days, marketers created content only when it suited their company’s needs. Today marketers need to create a constant flow of killer content… the kind of content that your visitors feel compelled to share at their social networks, link to at their blogs and/or become a subscribe.

These days internet marketers create a constant flow of new content; blog posts, videos, eBooks, social networking status updates, direct messages, comments and email messages to name a few.

Content benefits the internet marketer in many ways; drives traffic to their websites, improves search engine rankings, engages prospects and helps nurture leads.

“It can’t be just any content… it has to be relevant, remarkable content.”

However, coming up with a constant flow of new content takes a lot of time and can be overwhelming.

Recently, I got really busy coaching, training and working on client’s projects and put building content on the back burner. My website suffered; traffic dwindled by 60% and my traffic ranking took a big hit, and more important – I lost my ‘first page of Google’ status… in fact I couldn’t find anywhere in the first 10 pages for the keyword – ‘real estate marketing ideas’.

The lesson learned… if you stop creating new content, you run the risk of turning off a major source of new traffic and leads. So how do you keep up?

This is just the first article in a series, we will be covering all phases of content development. Feel free to leave comments or questions in the box below. And, follow this blog if you would like to get a message in your inbox letting you know we have added a new article on this subject.

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