4 Marketing Tools that I cannot live without

These marketing tools don’t need much of an introduction… so I will just get to the point!


HootSuite Pro - Free 30 Day Trial *Hootsuite is probably my most favorite cost-effective, time saving tool that I use almost daily. The free version of hootsuite allows you to schedule and syndicate (up to five social networking sites) your social networking posts from one location.

What’s cool about this is, once a week you can sit down and schedule your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ (business page) posts for the whole week. At Facebook you can also post at your business pages and any group you belong to. And at LinkedIn you can post at not only your profile page, but also at your business page and any groups you may belong to.

And it just keeps getting better… There are hootsuite apps for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that allow you to schedule a post by just clicking on an icon, opening up the hootsuite drop-down box and scheduling a post without closing the screen you are in.

Actually I purchased the *Hootsuite Pro account (about $10/mo) and have added over 50 Facebook (pages & groups), LinkedIn (groups) and Google+ business pages. Literally I am in and out of my Hootsuite Pro account on a daily basis.

Google Alerts

Okay, now you are wondering where I am getting all of this information that I am sharing… well if you add keywords to your Google Alerts account, Google will email you daily with all of the news, blogs and articles that have been recently published. It’s like magic.

So I get these Google Alerts daily, I hand pick my favorites and share them at various Social Networking sites. At my FB ‘Real Estate Marketing Ideas’ business page, I share the most up-to-date marketing ideas with my fans… daily. At the business pages I monitor for my clients, I share the most up-to-date industry news with their fans.

And, best of all – Google Alerts is free!


If you are adding new pages or posts to your website, Twitterfeed.com will send out an automated post to all of your social networks (that you set up) with a link back to your newly published content.

All you have to do is set it up once, and Twitterfeed will automatically post at your chosen social networks, you don’t have to pull the trigger.

Again, at the time this was posted, Twitterfeed is FREE!


Re-Think GoDaddy.com. 3 months of Economy Hosting for $1.99/mo.
Okay, *Godaddy is not free, but it is one of the most reasonably priced domain and website hosts on the Internet, and their customer service is amazing. I’ve been known to call *Godaddy up at 11pm to get help setting up WordPress Hosting. They always walk me through the problem (however long it takes) and never make me feel stupid.

If you are thinking of setting up a hosted WordPress.org site with a domain, it will cost you about $60 – $70 dollars for the whole year.