Jim Fortin: Persuasion technique for getting a price improvement

This persuasion technique can be used when you are trying to get a price reduction.

Keep in mind that the more you rattle your client’s cage, the more emotionally involved you get them, the more likely they are to be persuaded and influenced.

You might start out by saying, “You are a CEO, you are used to making decisions, right now on the spot. You now understand why it is important to do a price reduction right now in this economy.” If client is in are in reality a CEO, they certainly cannot argue with this train of thought.

Example: A research group was established with the goal to get people to stop eating beef. First they showed the group a picture of a nice juicy steak, no response from the group. Next they showed them a picture on cattle on the range, again no response. Then they showed them a picture of cattle being slaughtered and finally they showed them a picture of cattle being slaughtered and the butcher had blood all over. At that point, the people doing the research, accomplished their goal.

In other words, the higher you raise the awareness using this persuasion technique, the more likely they are to respond the way you want them to. And, the picture of a slaughtered cow with blood all over the butcher was enough to convince the research group to stop eating beef.

The moral of this story is… Take props to a listing reduction, i.e. like a picture of a very similar home in the area that sat on the market for so many days (say 365).  Bad things happened… the empty house attracted burglars, the longer they waited to reduce the price the less likely the house would sell at all, and indeed the property sat in the market (365) days.

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