Marketing your business with a Facebook Page

social networking advertising, a real estate marketing ideaYou can market in Facebook, but you have to be willing to pay for advertising to drive traffic to your business page (to get LIKES or promote an event). You can spend as little as $3.00 a day upwards to hundreds of dollars. And, you need to provide relevant and informative posts at that page, and then interact with your fans.

People don’t want to be sold to, so you have to attract them by setting up a Facebook Business Page that addresses their concerns and provides them with valuable information (not necessarily yours).

I recently set up a Facebook Business Page where I will be sharing 365 Tips to Promote your Business. This means I will be putting up a post every day, highlighting an Internet Marketing Tip. I am advertising there continually to attract LIKES, spending $3.00 per day. I started on December 28th and I will run the ad continuously, hopefully til the end of 2013.

Before I set up the ad campaign, I invited all of my 4,975 friends to LIKE my new page and got 11 LIKES. Currently I am getting about 20 – 30 LIKES per day. My goal is to reach 10,000 LIKES by the end of the year.

Google+ is more business friendly due to the Google + business page that shows up on Google Places & Google Maps. For this reason I recommend to all of my prospects and clients that they also market at Google Plus. And, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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